Full IRS rebuild for a fixed price at Bram’s Classic Cars

Since we have rebuild several Independent Rear Suspensions (IRS) at Bram’s Classic Cars we know how to do it the right way. When introduced in 1961 it was relatively rare for British cars to have independently sprung rear wheels. It came with better roadholding, less unsprung weight, less noise and vibration.

Drawback of the whole IRS system is that it is less serviceable than a conventional live axle. A lot of components are mounted in the cage that hold the whole IRS construction which make maintenance quite difficult. Even changing the brake pads can be a difficult task if you do not know what to do.

Because the rear suspension have a lot of moving mechanical parts wear is always a problem. Often is chosen for a complete rebuild if one part is worn too much. Rebuilding requires the right knowledge, experience and tools. Bram’s Classic Cars has acquired this to offer customers an excellent quality rebuild for a fair price.

Each unit is disassembled and inspected in detail, differentials are completely rebuilt and every component down to the last nut and bolt is either restored to perfection or renewed entirely. All bearings, seals, bushings, brake cylinders, rotors, springs and shocks are replaced as a matter of course. The big parts are media blasted and powder coated.

A stock rebuild is a combination of engineering and aesthetic perfection. When finished it is quite a spectacular sight.

Prices shown include all parts and labour – there are no hidden costs. are covered by a 24 month limited warranty.  Differential units, splined hubs and hub carriers must be serviceable. Differential ratios can be changed at additional cost.

An stock rebuild will cost: € 7000,- ex VAT.

Extra services like dismantling the IRS from the car/performance upgrades are possible at additional costs. For more information contact me via the contact page or call: +31 6 22293221