Total restoration

When a car is brought in at Bram’s Classic Cars for a complete restoration, we work towards an end result as close to factory condition. In this way, originality is maintained which not only benefits the value of the car, but also gives you that nice classic feeling when you take your car for a ride.

To a lot of people a classic car is like a time machine to go back with to the old days. It’s all in the details, for instance: lighting, the smell of the interior, decals in the engine compartment, the dashboard or the sound that comes from the old radio”.

Pontiac Firebird 1973 restorationPontiac Firebird 1973 restoration


During a complete restoration, the body of the car is completely stripped down in order to go for the best end result. Only this way, all damages and rust can be brought best into picture so it can be renovated completely. A car is often montaged upon a rotisserie so it can be turned a full 360 degrees.Due to this, all repairs can be done properly and professionally.

When the metal working is done, the car will be primed to be ready for the next phase. The spraying of the car is done by a trusted workman who is specifically experienced in spraying classic cars.


Next up are the engine, gearbox and drive mechanisms. The engine is the heart of your classic car and because of that deserves a lot of attention at Bram’s Classic Cars. The wear of your engine block will be put into picture and after this renovated back to stock, the same is done with the remaining parts of the propulsion.

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