Ford Mustang 302 Boss 1970

Original Ford Mustang 302 Boss from 1970

This original, G-code, Ford Mustang 302 BOSS will be sold by Bram’s Classic Cars. The Mustang is a Metuchen, USA build car. It is an European delivered car with speedometer in KPH. The car is delivered in Austria to Ford Motor Company in Salzburg on Februari 1970. The history of this car is known and available.

The car is licensed in the Netherlands and has a fresh MOT-check from this summer.

General information
Year 1970 Exterior color Yellow (Ford #3470-A)
Brand Ford Interior color Black Rhino
Model 302 BOSS VIN
Odometer 1361 KM Gearbox 4-Speed
Engine 302-4V BOSS, V8, Original Price SOLD


The car has been recently extensively restored to original conditions. The yellow paint is  professionally  applied and is very beautifull. The correct ‘hockey stick’ striping is used, reflective on the sides and matte on the hood. The SportsRoof has factory-delivered Sport Slats and equiped later with a 302 BOSS rear-spoiler.

The wheels are new Magnum 500 rims with new BF Goodrich tires.


Also the interior trim has been done during the restoration. It is restored to factory specs and is done really beautiful. The interior is done in the color Black Rhino. The car has the original Vinyl Bucket seats and is equipped with tachometer and speedometer (KMP).

Engine and transmission

The engine is an original 302-4V BOSS engine. The engine is fully overhauled by the previous owner (invoices are available). The ignition is converted to electronic Mallory ignition (MSD). For the fuel supply is the original Holley 780 CFM carburetor used with the original air filter on top. The car is tuned in the Netherlands on a dyno where it eventually produced 286 hp en 409 Nm on the rear wheels.

Below the video of the 302 Mustang on the dyno for tuning the carburetor and ignition.

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