Welcome to Bram’s Classic Cars, the company with focus on high-end restoration of classic cars. At Bram’s Classic Cars, you are at the right address for the reparation or restoration of your classic car.


One of the most important values at Bram’s Classic Cars are transparency and integrity. When you bring in a car for restoration, you want to be ensured that the work is done right. To guarantee this, all steps are documented professionally with photos of good quality. This way, you will stay updated on the restoration of your classic car and surprises afterwards will be prevented. At Bram’s Classic Cars we do not work with fixed prices but we will always make an estimate on how much time a project will cost.

One Stop Shopping

Bram’s Classic Cars has a lot of tools and equipment to manage most of the work under one roof. For some parts of the maintenance we cannot offer ourselves, we have partnerships that share our values at Bram’s Classic Cars. By working close together on this level, your car will be restored professionally by one company: Bram’s Classic Cars.







Bram’s Classic Cars

“My name is Bram Meewisse and I am a full-time car-enthusiast. The mechanical technicality combined with the design of classic vehicles make my heart beat faster. The history of a classic car gives character to the vehicle. This is often seen when I am working on a (restoration/renovation). You can precisely see what a car has been through and what climate it has seen.

The goal of restoring these beautiful cars is to conserve them for the future. For me personally, classic cars are like time machines from an era where mechanical technicality celebrated its importance due to the absence of complex electronics.

After a (restoration/renovation), the car is in better shape nowadays than it was when it left the factory long ago, mostly on the area of rust-prevention. However, the car’s originality will always come first in order for the car to maintain its character.

My passion for technique is translated to high-quality restorations. With a lot of attention to detail Bram’s Classic Cars’ restored classics will be a lust for your eye!



Bram’s Classic Cars is focused on keeping classic cars driving. You can contact me for the following services:

  • Restoration (mainly Jaguar)
  • Revision (Engine, suspension, brakes, etc)
  • Maintenance



If you have questions regarding the services or cars we offer please contact me with the contact information below. Visiting Bram’s Classic Cars is also possible but call us on forehand.

Phone number: +31 6 22293221
Emailadress: info@bramsclassiccars.com